About Us


The best little shop to find…

Glass, pottery, art pieces, or jewelry, all nicely wrapped for a beautiful presentation.

what we do

Standing Rock Gallery is an artisan shop, specializing in handmade glass, pottery, jewelry, and sculpture. We have been in business for over 40 years and have been a mainstay in the Hudson community since we moved from Kent in 1994. We are a great place to come for a gift and some friendly conversation and camaraderie. But more importantly, you leave feeling good about supporting an artist and giving a one of a kind gift to someone special.


what makes us different

All of our purchases are wrapped in handmade, fabric bags and our customers love the opportunity to give a special gift with a beautiful presentation. And for those of us that are in a pinch, there is nothing better than leaving the gallery being able to give our gift to its recipient right away.


why we’re important

Small businesses are a critical component in our community. They bring more than just goods and services to the area, but help to keep artists creating and give us an alternative to the big box and online retailers. Main Street businesses are what make our town bustle with activity. It is part of what inspires us to keep it going and growing. They bring life to our area and without them, we would lose what makes Hudson, and other small towns, so special and quaint.