Standing Rock Gallery

established in 1970

Started over 40 years ago in Kent, Ohio by Kay, Earl and John, the shop’s name was inspired by the Standing Rock, located in the Cuyahoga River. The Standing Rock was said to be used by Native Americans as a place of council for the tribes in the area, as well as being used to pass messages. The historic location can still be visited today. The original Standing Rock Gallery was just minutes away from its namesake.

Kay, Earl, and John started the gallery after returning from Europe, where they lived for several years and learned techniques to craft stained glass pieces. When they first opened the gallery in the early 1970’s, the shop was used as their workspace to make stained glass, ranging from small ornamental pieces to larger installation pieces for places of worship and larger buildings. They also taught classes and became an important part of the community in Kent. When Kay, Earl, and John made the decision to relocate the gallery to its current location here in Hudson, Ohio in 1994, they continued to repair and create original stained glass. When the trio decided to scale back their stained glass making, Kay began looking to other artists to sell their work at the gallery. And thus, the gallery became what it is today, one of the best places to find unique, handcrafted gifts, glass, pottery, art pieces, and jewelry. Kay was beloved by her customers, as a confidant and friend, and remained an important part of the Hudson and Kent communities until her passing in 2015.

I was a customer at the gallery for many years, like many of the individuals that shop here. I loved the friendly atmosphere and the chance to buy one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends, especially at the holidays. When the shop closed shortly after Kay’s passing, I know that I was not alone in my disappointment at losing a place that meant so much to our community and our customers. When I was approached by Earl with the chance to keep the gallery open, it was not even a question whether to go forward.

The goal of this shop is more than just selling original art. Kay, Earl, and John poured so much love into this space, that it continues to seep into the atmosphere and mission of this little store. People come to be cheered up, to connect, to appreciate the skill of the artists, and to enjoy their experience. And, I have certainly enjoyed the experience of helping to keep alive something so special.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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